audacity [n1] recklessness, daring adventurousness, audaciousness, boldness, bravery, courage, dauntlessness, enterprise, fearlessness, guts, intrepidity, nerve, rashness, valor, venturesomeness; concept 633 —Ant. care, carefulness, caution, reserve, timidity audacity [n2] arrogance, presumptuousness assurance, audaciousness, brass, cheek*, chutzpah*, cockiness*, crust, defiance, disrespectfulness, effrontery, forwardness, gall, guts*, gutsiness, hardiness, impertinence, impudence, insolence, moxie, nerve, rudeness, shamelessness, spunk, stuff*, temerity; concepts 411,633 —Ant. gentility, humility, meekness, modesty, timidity, yielding

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